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The project editor with a sample project (Dec 2011)

PartKeepr supports the management of projects. A project is something you want to build and where you need a list of parts for, along with their quantities and optional remarks.

With the project management, you can easily find out which parts you need to order or if you have everything in stock.

Short-Term Goals

  • Retrieve a list of parts you don't have in stock, but are required to build the project
  • Printing of the project list with all parts and their storage locations
  • Allow entering parts which aren't in the database yet
  • Allow project attachments, like gerber files and schematics

Long-Term Goals

  • Automatically query distributors for their prices, and create ordering lists
  • Upload your project to a central server to share your work with others
  • Display compatible parts if not in stock (non-automatic mode)