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The obvious is that PartKeepr is all about parts!

This also includes a LOT of detail about parts including:

    • category
    • location
    • footprint
    • datasheet
    • picture
    • supplier
    • manufacturer
    • Quantity and history of stock (View - Stock History)

You can specify many suppliers of each part.

There is also a Projects "module" that allows to to list all the parts associated with a project. Then via the View - Project Reports you can:

    • select projects of interest
    • set how many of each project
    • create a parts order list (click Create Report)
    • Find the cheapest suppliers for every part in the report (click Autofill, or you can manually select)
    • Remove the in stock parts for the selected projects from stock (click Remove parts from stock)
    • See the total cost of all parts to order.


    • Make sure you save Parts, Projects, Distributors, Manufacturers, Footprints, etc. There is no warning that your changes will be lost if you navigate to a different page!
    • If "Tip of the day" is empty, go to System-User Preferences page and reset.
    • There are only three menu items, but do expore them as there is quite a few useful functions!
    • The screen layout has collapsable areas eg filters might need to be clicked on to make it appear.
    • Typing in some fields will auto-search, some need you to press enteData can be exported from every screen by right clicking.
    • Adding new items such as categories or locations, the new entry may appear at the bottom of the current section and for new parts, you will need to click the refresh button at bottom of screen (NOT the browser refresh!)
    • Update the categories and locations to add EXTRA description. This is really handy when you have many similar locations.

With a little bit of imagination, PartKeeepr can also be used to manage loaning items, and to manage items wanted/lost, for example follow the link to see how the [Shanghai Xinchejian hackerspace] are doing these things.