New and Noteworthy/1.2.0

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GUI Changes

Advanced Part Parameters

Part Parameters are re-implemented. It is now possible to add min/max values and string values.

Generic Filtering

It's now possible to filter any grid for any field and with any operator. You're not limited to what PartKeepr provides as default filters.

OctoPart Integration

PartKeepr finally gets the OctoPart integration, which allows you to retrieve data like datasheets, part parameters and distributors.


PartKeepr can now import almost any data from CSV files into any PartKeepr data structure.

Meta Parts

Meta-Parts consist of a query against other matching parts. For example, if you have 10k 0805 1% and 10k 0805 5% resistors in your database, and you have a project where it doesn't matter if you use 1% or 5% resistors, you can simply create a meta-part to cover those:

In the project reports, you can pick which specific part(s) you want to use.

Experimental Theme Support

PartKeepr now has theme support. Note that this is experimental and that some layouts used in PartKeepr might not work well.

Batch Jobs

It's now possible to create batch jobs, which can be run either once or on specific actions.

Project Runs

Whenever you click on "Remove Parts from Stock" in a project report, a project run entry is created, which reflects which parts you have used for a project at which point in time.

Project Overages

You can now define project overages, which are considered whenever you remove parts from a project report. This is useful if you use a pick and place machine and you "lose" a certain amount of parts.

Custom exporter enhancements

You can now export m:n relations, for example, you can export distributors for a part, which was previously not possible.

Other features & bugfixes

For a complete list of Bugfixes refer to the GitHub 1.2 Milestone