New and Noteworthy/1.1.0

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GUI Changes

  • The behavior of the search field now reverts to the behavior of PartKeepr 0.1.9 by default

Thumbnail Browse Mode

1.1.0 ThumbnailView.png

It is now possible to browse parts by their thumbnail images. This is useful if you can't remember a part's name.

Full text search configuration

1.1.0 FulltextSearchConfiguration.png

It is now possible to specify the fields to be searched and if the search terms should be split by space.

Required Fields configuration

1.1.0 RequiredPartfields.png

It is now possible to configure the required fields for parts, part manufacturers and part distributors as well to enforce a certain minimum amount of distributors, manufacturers and attachments.

Display of active filters for a grid

1.1.0 ActiveGridFilters.png

Active filters for a grid are now displayed at the bottom of each grid, with the possibility to remove certain filters. This makes it more transparent if a grid is filtered and by which values. Additionally, filters can be removed manually.

Barcode Scanner Configuration

1.1.0 BarcodeScannerConfiguration.png

It is now possible to configure a barcode scanner and to perform actions based on barcode scanner input.

Other new Features

  • It is now possible to configure a maximum file upload limit by configuration. This is useful when you don't want to use the upload limits configured within PHP.

For a complete list of Bugfixes refer to the GitHub 1.1 Milestone