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The context menu with the export options


You can export any grid (table) in PartKeepr by right-clicking the grid, then choose "Export". A sub-menu appears in which you can choose the format you wish to export the data to; the file is then created and downloaded by your browser.


  • Only the visible rows and columns are exported
  • You can select the columns to export by showing/hiding them using the grid column menu


CSV Format (.csv)

CSV is a simple format which stores text, line by line.

Format notes:

  • PartKeepr uses semicolons instead of commas
  • The file encoding is UTF-8, which you might need to convert into other charsets.

Excel Format (.xlsx)

This is a format which you can use with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications which can import Excel XML files.

Format notes:

  • The format should be readable with Office 2002 and up
  • The format can be read with LibreOffice

Mediawiki Format

This is a format which you can use to create tables in the MediaWiki format.

Format notes:

  • The table class is currently fixed to "wikitable", with a vertical top alignment

Other formats

If you need other formats, please use the PartKeepr issue tracker to enter a request.


The export feature will be available in Version 0.1.7.