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Updating PartKeepr to a never version:

  • Create a database backup of your PartKeepr installation
  • Create a filesystem backup of your PartKeepr installation
  • Download the new PartKeepr version and either:
    • Overwrite the existing PartKeepr files -or-
    • Move the data/ directory (excluding the proxies directory) as well as the app/config/parameters.php file to the new directory
  • In any case, re-run web/setup! It doesn't delete your existing data, but updates your database schema to match the new version.

Upgrading from 0.1.9 or earlier

  • Note that the path to the frontend has been changed. Previously, it used to be frontend/, now it is web/. Please adjust accordingly.
  • Copy your legacy config.php file into the root of your new PartKeepr installation. It will automatically be parsed by the setup. Remove it after setup is complete, as the new config file is in app/config/parameters.php
  • Remove all existing cronjobs