New and Noteworthy/0.76

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GUI Changes

Display of Category Name, Storage Location in the Part Details

NewAndNoteworthy 0.76 PartInfo.png

The part details now displays the Storage Location, Category Name, Footprint and Used Projects as in PartKeepr 0.1.9.

Filtering for Manufacturer Part Number

It is now possible to filter by the manufacturer's part number.

Technical Changes

  • PartKeepr uses the APCu cache for Doctrine and DunglasApiBundle if it is installed
  • Setup now asks about the authentication method to use (HTTP Basic or WSSE)


  • Icons are now displayed in Firefox again
  • Setup now checks and warns about missing PHP curl support
  • Setup now properly migrates images and attachments from legacy installations
  • Part Duplication with basic data works again

For a complete list of Bugfixes refer to the GitHub 0.76 Milestone