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Changes from 0.1.7 to 0.1.8

GUI changes

Part Filter Additions

  • The Part Filter Panel now lets you filter by distributor and manufacturer
  • You can now remove the filter criteria for storage location, distributor and manufacturer directly now; previously, you had to click "Reset" to remove an active storage location filter
  • You can filter by the part create date
  • You can filter for all parts where no stock removals have taken place; this is useful to find parts you have never used and which you might remove from your inventory
  • The part filter columns now wrap to aid with smaller display sizes


Advanced Part Picker for Projects

  • A new part picker has been implemented, which has basically the same features as the regular grid, including the part filter panel.


Advanced Duplicate

  • The "Create from Template" button is now called "Duplicate" and supports duplicating of all part properties, including parameters, manufacturers, distributors and attachments.


Upload Dialog

  • The upload dialog now explains where the upload limit comes from and how to configure PHP to allow bigger uploads


Automatic calculation of the package price

  • Previously, you had to calculate the price per item manually if you had a package with, say, 100 items and only know the package price. PartKeepr now does that automatically; you can either fill in the price per item or the package price, and PartKeepr will calculate the other value for you.


Part Manager: Compact Layout

  • In addition to the default layout, we also support a compact layout of the Part Manager which is helpful for small screens, like laptops.


Technical changes

Part Grid Performance Improvements

  • Several queries have been optimized, so that the grid should load now much faster on slower systems

More cache options

  • PartKeepr supports now xcache and memcache and you can now configure them. By default, APC is used (if available).

Individual JS Files for the frontend

  • The frontend now supports individual JS files, instead of a large JS file. This is useful for debugging and can be enabled with the following configuration:
Configuration::setOption("partkeepr.frontend.debug_all", true);

js minifer change

  • Previously, we've used the bundled jsb3 builder from Sencha. However, that tool was using jsdb, a non-crossplatform binary chunk, which is now replaced with a generic minifier implementation, which uses either jsmin or optionally yui-compressor.