Running PartKeepr from GIT

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You can run PartKeepr from the GIT repository.


Initial setup

git clone        # clones PartKeepr in the PartKeepr subdirectory.
cd PartKeepr
cp app/config/parameters.php.dist app/config/parameters.php # copies the default parameters to ensure composer can run.
composer install                                            # Installs all PartKeepr requirements

Now open the setup by opening web/setup and run it.


git pull                                                    # Updates PartKeepr to the latest GIT version
cp app/config/parameters.php app/config/parameters.old.php  # Make a backup of the old parameters.php file
cp app/config/parameters.php.dist app/config/parameters.php # Use the parameters.php.dist file to ensure all settings are present
rm -rf app/cache/*                                          # Ensures all cached configurations are cleared
composer install                                            # Installs latest packages
cp app/config/parameters.old.php app/config/parameters.php  # Restores the parameters.php backup

Now re-run setup.