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For SenchaCon


  • Finish implement Tip of the Day (Aug 19 2011)
  • Add Sencha Touch App (see below) (Aug 30 2011)
  • Add logging (Sep 02 2011)
  • Graphical Statistics history (Sep 10 2011)

  • Fix scrollbar bug (by reducing the number of entries)
  • Use to scale images on the mobile device

Theme To-Do

  • Grid backgroud is still blue-ish
  • Panel background is blue-ish
  • Tooltips are red-ish
  • Search image in the quick search thing is odd, needs fix
  • Windows look strange, compared to the theme viewer (border missing?)
  • Optional: Blue-ish tabs
  • Optional: More styling to make the app look better
  • Optional: Add icons to the tabs

Nice to have

  • Add copy+edit part (if possible? how to deal with attachments?)
  • context menu for parts
  • Manual Reload of stuff (like storage locations, need to refactor dropdowns for that)
  • Storage location image
  • Storage location layout

Sencha Touch App

A simple touch app which support the following features:

  • Query parts by name
  • Display part data
  • Add and remove stock
  • Display parts within a storage location