Printing Size and Positon Formating

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Most size and position formating can use a simple kind of math to create special flexible configurations. We use a relative (percentage) part and an absolute value. You can use the following syntax to express this: p% + a Where p is percentage value and a an absolute value. You can also use a relative or absolute value only. The basics for the relative values are the width or height for the values respecively. The default value direction is from top to down or from left to right:

  • "50%" will give you the center if you use it as xPosition (label width of 90 mm will give you 45 mm)
  • "5" will give 5 mm as an absolute value.
  • "50% + 4" will give you the 50% of the basic value and add 4 mm in final.

Negative numbers will start counting from the opposite side of the value.

  • "-20%" as x-Position and a label width of 50 will result in the position 10 from the right side.
  • "-10" as x-Position will result in a position of 10 from the right side.