Printing Basic Installation

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First steps to activate printing / renderer

Due to some despondencies to external libraries the renderer are deactivated by default, so no disturbance with the main application will happen. To activate a desired renderer you have to set a symlink to the renderer or you have to copy the directory over.

The available renderer are located in "backend/Plugins/PrintingRenderer/" directory of your PartKeepr installation. The active renderer are located in the "backend/PartKeppr/Printing/Renderer" directory. To activate a renderer you have to set a symlink to the directory which contains your desired renderer. Every renderer has its own directory. For e.g. to activate the PDFDefaultRenderer after you have installed tcpdf do the following:

cd src/backend/PartKeepr/Printing/Renderer
ln -s ../../../Plugins/PrintingRenderer/PDFDefaultRenderer PDFDefaultRenderer

Installing tcpdf

The PDFDefaultRenderer uses the tcpdf library to create a pdf file. First of all get tcpdf from the Homepage or install it from your distribution. If you are installing it on your own, you have to ensure the include_path of your php installation is pointing to the directory where your tcpdf is installed to. to install it, just download the zipped package from and unzip the archive.

Where to unzip, is rather dependent on your installation, on my Ubuntu 12.04 system, I unzipped it to "/usr/share/php". Using the standard installation package, you should consider disabling the K_TCPDF_CALLS_IN_HTML option by changing the following file: tcpdf/config/tcpdf_config.php ensure the following line

define('K_TCPDF_CALLS_IN_HTML', false);

is set (search for the K_TCPDF_CALLS_IN_HTML and replace the true by false).