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PartKeepr uses JSON-LD/Hydra-CG as API standards.

Authentication can be done by HTTP Basic and/or WSSE. Once authenticated, a session cookie is set, but you can also re-send the HTTP Basic and/or WSSE auth on every request.

API Documentation

To view the API Doc, you need to go to to receive a session cookie.

Unfortunately a user-friendly API doc is not available yet due to a problem with a 3rd party library. However, the hydra documentation should give some clues which API calls are available.

Example HTTP Request


HTTP Headers:
Authorization:Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=

CURL Examples

Basic Example

Retrieves all parts with pagination defaults:

curl --basic --user admin:admin

Please keep in mind to escape the following characters in your shell: "?[]{}=& (and space). Example:




Also using --globoff as curl parameter helps too, otherwise you would have to escape certain characters a second time because curl tries to expand the URL too. We'll stick to the unescaped form for better readability right now.

Pagination example

curl --globoff --basic --user admin:admin

If you want all parts, you need to request a quite big amount of itemsPerPage like:

curl --globoff --basic --user admin:admin

Filtering examples

Filtering by the storage location:

curl --globoff --basic --user admin:admin{"property":"storageLocation","operator":"=","value":"/api/storage_locations/3"}

Since you cannot perform the lookup by the storage locations name right now, you can the the id (3 in the example above), by searching for the exact name of your location by running a request like:

curl --globoff --basic --user admin:admin{"property":"name","operator":"=","value":"FELI-HOME-A003"}

Filtering by the status

curl --globoff --basic --user admin:admin{"property":"status","operator":"LIKE","value":"new"}