APC Metadata Caching

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Symfony, per default, uses a deeply nested filesystem structure. This might be a problem on systems with slow I/O, like a Raspberry Pi. You can configure PartKeepr to use APC as metadata cache, greatly decreasing the required I/O performance.

  • Install the PHP APC Module
    • On Debian, the module is called php5-apcu for PHP5 and php-apcu for PHP7.
  • Open app/config/config_framework.yml in a text editor
  • Note that the indentation is mandatory
  • Add the following snippet to the top of the file:
       class: Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcCache
           - [setNamespace, [""]]
  • Below the framework, insert the following lines so that it reads:
        cache: "app.doctrine.apc_cache"

Save the file and re-run setup.